Revision Service and retrofit third parties.

For us "revise" means to strenghten, able to regenerate, optimize and enhance.

Identify prestigious machinery that are redeemed through a complete overhaul work, implementing the characteristics without distorting them aesthetically and functionally..
In fact, we also offer a review service for those who have a quality used machinery that they absolutely do not want to replace,, tailor-made with customer agreement based on their needs and keeping the performance values ​​established by the manufacturer unchanged..

Our services

  • Revision and retrofits Complete third parties
  • Grinding
  • Normative adjustments: Repairs, Protections and Electrical adjustments
  • Installation of Quote Viewer
  • Declaration of conformity to CE standard
  • Led illumination
  • Spray Coating polyurethane


Digital Readout (DRO) Systems

Newall's Digital Readout (DRO) Systems offer exceptional value with leading edge technology and productivity enhancing features. Designed for use with the Spherosyn™ and Microsyn™ linear encoders, Digital Readout Systems by Newall are well known for providing the best solutions for any machine application. With rugged die cast chassis and wipe-clean front panels, Newall DRO Systems are built to last.

DP700 Digital Readout

The DP700 was designed for all types of machining applications such as milling, turning, boring and grinding. The DP700 digital readout is a powerful yet intuitive DRO that includes a host of standard features that are normally found on more expensive units.
The DP700 digital readout sets the new standard for performance, value and ease of use. Milling, grinding and turning packages are available. Available in 1, 2 and 3 axes.

DP1200 Digital Readout

The DP1200 was design specifically for long travel machine tools.  It includes features that are essential for increasing productivity on boring mills, VTLs, milling machines and long travel lathes.  Built with the operator in mind, the DP1200 includes large, clear numerical displays and an intuitive color TFT message screen along with an optional DSU.The DP1200 is available in 2, 3 or 4 axes including rotary / angular

Spherosyn™ and Microsyn™ encoders are designed to give you consistent accuracy and reliability under even the harshest shop conditions. Based on the principle of electromagnetics, Newall's analogue encoders embody a truly innovative design in which all of the electronic and measuring components are sealed and protected. The encoders carry an IP67 (NEMA 6) environmental rating and will continue to provide accurate and reliable readings even when submerged in water, oil and coolant.

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