Revision Service and retrofit third parties.

For us "revise" means to strenghten, able to regenerate, optimize and enhance.

Identify prestigious machinery that are redeemed through a complete overhaul work, implementing the characteristics without distorting them aesthetically and functionally..
In fact, we also offer a review service for those who have a quality used machinery that they absolutely do not want to replace,, tailor-made with customer agreement based on their needs and keeping the performance values ​​established by the manufacturer unchanged..

Our services

  • Revision and retrofits Complete third parties
  • Grinding
  • Normative adjustments: Repairs, Protections and Electrical adjustments
  • Installation of Quote Viewer
  • Declaration of conformity to CE standard
  • Led illumination
  • Spray Coating polyurethane


Givi Dimension Viewers Measurements

The incremental and absolute optical scales are made in compliance with rigorous quality standards and are produced in eight different models. The documentation, which can be supplied on request, highlights the high characteristics and the remarkable reliability of the products. High precision of the gratings that have coefficients of linear thermal expansion congruent to the type of application foreseen. Useful strokes up to 30 m, accuracy class up to ± 1 µm and resolutions up to 0.01 µm. Metrological test certificate attached to each line.
VISION digital readouts are made with the most advanced electronic technology available: low voltage components (3.3 Volt), minimum consumption and a high level of integration that allow multiple and versatile performances. Inside the GIVI MISURE displays, a very powerful microcontroller processes the information transmitted by the transducers. Having such advanced but easy-to-use digital displays means significantly increasing the production yield of machine tools.


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