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USED sawing machine Anbas Alligator 460 G-SA

USED sawing machine
Brand: Anbas
Mod: Alligator 460 G-SA

Working angle: 60 ° right
Power supply: 380Volt 50Hz
Blade: 4550x34x1.1mm
Waste: 1.6mm
Flywheel diameter: 480mm
Blade motor power: 2kW - 2,5HP
Control unit motor: 0.35 kW
Oil pressure: 25-20 bar
Cutting speed: 20-120 mt / min
Electric pump: 40lt / min
Refrigerant tank: 20lt
Cutting capacity:
Right 0 °: round 410, square 400x400, flat 460x300 mm
Right 45 °: round 320, square 300x300, flat 320x260 mm
Right 60 °: round 220, square 220x220 mm
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