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Band saw MEP SHARK 330 CNC-FE

The MEP SHARK 330 CNC-FE band saw has been designed and manufactured specifically for cutting metal materials. Operation is both semi-automatic and automatic:
The sawing machine is suitable for cutting metal profiles, solid materials (construction steels in general, hardened and tempered steels, stainless steels, aluminum and brass).
Band saw blade: band saw blades with a development between 3,300 and 3,340 mm can be used. and height between 25.4 and 27 mm.

Belt development: 3320 x 27 x 0.9 mm
Belt tension: 60 bar = 800 Kg
Cutting speed with INVERTER:
1st Speed from 20 to 45 m / min
2nd Speed from 35 to 90 m / min
Spindle motor power: 1,8 / 1,5 kW
Cooling lubricant electric pump power: 0.13 kW
Flow rate of lubricant-coolant pump: 11 lt-min
Hydraulic single-unit engine: 0.22 kW
Max operating pressure for vice opening / closing: 25 bar
Working pressure during cutting: 20 bar
Operating pressure back head: 20 bar
Head spindle motor power: 1,8 / 1,5 Kw
Cooling lubricant electric pump motor power: 0.13 x 2 kW
Hydraulic power unit motor power: 0.22 x 3 kW
Power supply stepper motor power: 0.315 kW
Servovalve stepper motor power: 0.09 kW
Motor power of blade cleaning brush and chip conveyor: (optional) 0.05 x 2 kW
Cooling fan motor power: 0.04 x 2 kW
Maximum installed electrical power: 3,305 kW
Cutting blade tension: 70 bar / 900 Kg
Power supply: 400V - 50 Hz
Dimensions: 970 x 2620 x 1800 h mm
Weight: 1200 Kg

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